Hangouts App Reviews

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This is awesome


Really like easy to make calls and txt with video calls makes it even better

Good quality app.

You can use pics, data links, video call. Is good app.


Great way to chat with friends who dont have apple. (Everyone should have apple)

No iPhone X support 2 months after SDK!

Makes it unpleasant to use

Works every time

I love this app specially for international video calls and voice calls as well as text messaging absolutely free works every time on my iPhone 7 two thumbs up!

Love hangouts

Realy love having the hangouts app on my pc. Ive ported my number in to Google so now all my contacts can message me anywhere I am.. I use iOS and wish there was a way to change the default notification tone. Its not loud enough for me I often miss notifications. Probably the only reason I didnt give it the 5 stars.


Great, text and video chat. Before Al o Duo this app integrated all the services. Usually my friends ask me about the emojis that I use...Google has a different and unique emojis on Hangouts, Allo and Android Messenger.

Amazing! One big flaw though.

I meet a lot of people on YouTube. And we have hangouts. So I try to add them but I can’t. At all. When I search them up I shows no results just the people I already have added. This needs to be fixed quick. Pease and thank you. ~A Person You Do Not Need To Know.

It won’t let me use my speaker!!!

Whenever I want to video chat with someone it doesn’t let me because i have to let it use microphone but it doesn’t ask me if Hangouts can it’s happened to me many times please FIX THIS

Always Works

Saying that something always works is not trivial. Over the years I have come to completely depend on Google Hangouts for communicating with my loved ones and for communicating with far-flung friends and it has never failed me. Thank you.

Great for chat!!

It’s a good tool, wish it had other options but it’s a great tool as it sits

To many fakes

It seems like everyone I meet here were fakes

Love it! Why can’t I️ answer calls on iPhone though?

Can’t seem to answer a call on my iPhone. iPad answers fine. Weird

Best app!

Best texting app ever! Easiest to use, and great texting options. Calls work great too.

??? Nice

Nice app


Hangouts s helps us contact with others you are notable to.But sometimes it does go a fail but is the best ever!!!!!???❤️????????????

Horrible on iPhone X

It worked fine on my iPhone 7 Plus but on the iPhone X I have no sound on a video that was sent to me. Why is it different for this phone?

Very basic and not great

- Need improvements to the dialer....the current design is dull and less intuitive... - Need deeper and seamless integration with the Contacts list to allow for automatic use of Hangouts/Google Voice, for international calls (like in Android) - Need better ring tone just doesnt work... - Need a conference call feature... - Need full blown sms features- message forwarding, international sms support, sharing Apple passes etc....


Direct,no hassle,easy to use,one click and I am talking to family and hanging out!

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