Hangouts App Reviews

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Works like a charm

Keeps me in contact with my friends and lets us plan for meet-ups.


Great way to connect with friends, family & even business connections IF they use gmail.

Profile Picture Issue

It works well ! My friends and I use it to text each other often; its a great app. Try it out.


I use this app to talk to my friends and family and I love this app! I hope you will enjoy this app like I did

Love it

I like this app a lot. Easy communicate with. Love it! ????????

More than I thoght

I just discovered how awesome this app actually is. Ive been using the chat function for awhile and its been great. Now I found the phone section on it and can call my family in Canada for free. I will actually get to stay in contact with them thanks to Google. And its all from my phone - no need to be stuck at my computer!!


I recommend this app

Not happy...

I cannot hear the individual I am calling on the other end of the call. I have an Iphone6 and this app is unusable for me. I have tried to access volume controls to no avail. Perhaps if this were fixed it might be useful.

Severe Lag

The app lags really bad after using it for a short time, I am often typing 5 words ahead of the actual message, the app responds like this on both my iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. Might work smoother on faster devices... but I’m sure it lags on them to some degree too.

Amazing collaboration tools

I was introduced to this amazing tool in college to talk with classmates about group work. Awesome in all aspects like, making a desktop Google chrome plug in, and the mobile app is simple and convenient. The only reason I didnt give a 5 star review is because it lacks the ability to attach files in the chat.

Great but....

I like the format of this app. I prefer it over Skype. Biggest issue is I can’t use the camera function. When I try all I see a black screen. (iPad Pro) I can take photo’s and upload them through app, but the camera function in the app is a dud.

Good calling

I can call all my lads at one one instead of doing 3call at diferente time


Great for travel and anyone who does not have an Apple product. Use it all the time with my son. Very happy with this app.

Better than WhatsApp and Messenger

There are some improvements to be had but ease of use isnt one of them. Very easy to use. Wish they had better selection of emojis or stickers available.

Agree with the post from June 29

This app has lots of great potential. For example, I love the fact that you get a transcript of voicemail messages if you miss a call. However, connectivity is always an issues. Very often, it is difficult to place and receive calls, even via WiFi. Also, the call gets dropped anytime there is a transition from WiFi (indoors) to cell data (after stepping out of a building). If the connection issues could be worked out, this would be a five-star app.

Love hangouts!

I use hangouts for work daily and highly recommend!

A useful, but clunky app

I very much like the ability to use Hangouts to use my google voice number as a VoIP line, but the app is rather clunky and buggy. The process of deleting text message threads involve 2-3 extraneous clicks, and the speakerphone button no longer shows up when placing a call. Little things like that really diminish the experience.

Speaker not working with the latest update

Come on guys.. verify better before release :(

Hangouts. App

I have been using Hangouts before it was Hangouts. Save your phone minutes, screen your calls before answering them or let certain calls through to you automatically without them having to wait. If someone is bugging you, block their number and let them think your number has been disconnected by choosing that option. Itll act like your personal assistant, w/o the cost of one. What a great phone number & you can have it notify you on any of many numerous type computers all at once or in a certain order of succession or on one TVs for instance, they just need internet access.

This app is for scammers

Ive been bothered ever since I downloaded this app by women want me to send them things to prove I love them I sincerely think the people who invented this app should look into this this is your problem you created this app now I have to delete it again if that should be investigated nothing but a scam for scammers

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