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Great application recommend

I’m loving it is easy to use easy to understand and it works good as a secondary phone number when you have a Google voice number attached to it as long as you download the Google Voice app and get your phone number if you have a Gmail and attach it to hangouts is a great way to have a secondary number and you don’t get give out your number to people you don’t really worry about giving out your personal number you give them your Google Voice number I start to hang out and his great way to communicate you can send pictures and text and call and receive calls and text messages and pictures??☝???

Great. Finally near perfect!!

The app has been improved a lot since last year. Theyve fixed the connection issue and now its optimized for iPhone X. Only thing Id like to request is ringtone change. So I can tell which number is being called.

I love it!

It’s great just like Skype. But the screenshare is laggy tho. 10/10 :)




Spell check amazing.. emojis amazing.. speed amazing!!! I LOVE IT!!! ?

Rip off

If you wanna rip off Skype do it good...

No way to switch between speaker mode and regular mode during the call

No way to switch between speaker mode and regular mode during the call..

Really love it

I love this app it’s a good way to keep in touch with friends and family and to find people who you posted contact with

Dial pad fails when in a call

Why the dial pad fails working when in a call? I need to call a international number. It replies with an voice menus for me to key in my option with the dial pad. However, whatever I tap in the dial pad, it just won’t go to the other end. Even worse, this situation happens even when I am using gmail dialing function, hangouts or google voice in browser on my MacBook. That’s terrible!


I love google hangouts I now can connect with my friends who don’t have IPhones!!


This app is so amazing because now I can text and call my friends that can’t call at all which I’m really happy about?

Doesn’t work

This app does not work, when you click on the hangouts invite link it says go to App Store and download the app even if the app is already downloaded, other friends have said they are having the same problems.

Great app, worth checking out.

This app has become very useful recently. I have and use apple devices, but for some reason, a lot of my friends use androids. I obviously can’t text them in Apple Messages, but this substitutes that. You can text, call and more with this app. I am not sponsored lol. Another feature is that it actually doesn’t require a phone number. You can sign into the app with your Gmail account, and it will ask for your phone number, but if you don’t want to, you can skip it and it won’t bug you. One thing that would be great to add would be the ability to edit the names of the people you text. It won’t change anything on anyone elses device, but some of my friends gmails aren’t their real names. This is why it gets four stars.


A great app

Use our other apps

Asks me to download another google app when I click any link.



One Problem

THERE IS ONE MAJOR PROBLEM:If you accidentally send the wrong message to the wrong person YOU CANNOT DELETE IT PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!Thank you

A nice luxury to make new friends

I have meet a world of interesting girls on Hangouts. It is a luxury that pays for itself with true-to-life friends whom are beautiful people that you may otherwise would never have gotten to know. There are many Beautiful Hearts on Hangouts. I am constantly surprised and radiantly happy.

Fix this

Can you add a delete message button like if you hold or double tap the message that would be a big help when in a group chat


This is app is awesome!!! It allows you to communicate with others by: call, text, and video call! It is great for any electronic: phone, iPad, or computer! I love using this app!

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