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Awesome app

This app is extremely easy to use me and my friends talk on it all the time


Could you make a copy of this? One teacher saw my friend on it but she mistakenly thought he was texting but it was free time indoor recess so we could and they banned it Please make a new one copy please?

I want more feature

I need to review all pictures and video i sent or


Delayed messages and no notification when i get a message


I love this app it help me to talk to people

Buggiest Google App on the App Store

This app is plagued by bugs. It’s clear that the developers don’t use this app. Here are the most annoying bugs. -notifications randomly aren’t delivered -keyboard sometimes pops up automatically and sometimes does not -your scroll position in a chat is different every time you open the app and it’s rarely where it should be.


I have an iPhone, and I tried to make a group chat in mi messages but it wasn’t working it kept going to there normal txt and not the group. So I downloaded google hangouts and now we chat as a group all the time, so much easier! ???

No notifications

I have to go on to get notified I dont get notified anytime off app

Needs a battery battery life

Hangout calling subscription ease.

Great but just one more adjustment

The only thing this app needs is that when you get a text it pops up on your screen and when you get a video chat you can send the person the video chat not just the first person there.

Men scammer

To easy for one man to pose as five or more different woman and try the same scam no way to no for sure and no way to no who’s on the app waiting to scam

Best multi-platform messaging app

This is the only messaging app where I can open my chat on all my mobile devices and computers at the same time. It makes it so much easier to access at home and work. I can also view both my personal and work accounts simultaneously.


I love this app. The only thing about it is, is that the connection for the video chart is kind of slow. Otherwise it is very good.


I would like you to have a better version on video call but texting is fine.

I love this

It is great

Best for iPhone

I never got to text my friend or call them but I can do it all on this I would suggest it to others and that’s why I gave this a 5 star rating

Best App

Best app I’ve ever used to contact with friend large or small gc it’s perfect. All you need is a gmail! The features it has let us socialize and bond more lol Highly recommend


This is really good to use for messaging people or calling I recommend u downloading this app it works really good and super fast

Devs are giving this app more attention

Call logging improved. Contacts integration is still inexcusably weak and no better than it was. Devs finally seem to have begun lifting a finger to improve parts of the app, but Contacts integration is still weak. Poor dialer. Favorites interface is unintuitive and poorly designed. Interface wont save most-dialed numbers, only screen names that have actual Google Hangouts accounts. The Google Voice app is better in this respect. In fact, youll often find yourself going back to the Google Voice app to get things done. Google Hangouts interfaces horribly with Contacts, but can at least work with Gboard and paste pics and GIFS, which Google Voice cant. Google Voice can interface terrifically with Contacts, but not with Gboard.


Great app. Use constantly. Would be quite useful to be able to send documents and files— developers please consider.

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